Mostrami Srl Impresa Sociale

Legal headquarters : Via Fratelli Cairoli 45, 20851 Lissone (MB)
Operational headquarters & gallery: Mostrami Factory @Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4,
20154 Milano

Mostrami was born to create a link between young artists (painters , sculptors, photographers but also streetartists and videoartists ) to companies who believe that art and culture in general can be an important driver of economic and social growth.

We work through :

a series of contests , announcements , promotional initiatives and artistic events of the entire initiative that began in Milan in 2010;

  • this web platform , a showcase for young talent (painters , sculptors , photographers, streetartists , videoartists) .  Do you want to buy an artwork made by our artists? Contact us trough this link or send us an emailto; we will be glad to give you every infos that you need and support you step by step.

What we do for partner companies :

  • we give the possibility to private and public organizations to realize their artistic events “ad hoc” (exhibitions, installations, performances, contest) , set up their offices with the works of our artists as well as to develop projects of Corporate Social Responsibility in various ways involving the art and young talents ( awards, competitions , calls ) ;

we support social projects and charities of other partner organizations.

Download here the presentation of artistic services for companies.

Download here the presentation of artistic services for agencies.

Download here the institutional presentation.

Here some details on the initial project, the values and the objectives of Mostrami.